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John is a twin cities native who has always immersed himself in different facets of the art world, from his bachelors of arts degree at Minneapolis College of art and design, into working in many different directions with his creativity professionally  before coming back to tattooing. He enjoys many different outlets to exercise his talents, from residential design, furniture, printmaking, sign painting and the list goes on. His passion lies in tattooing and all that entails. Designing bold and colorful tattoos, on a never ending quest of mastering his trade while learning everyday how to improve both in the application of a perfect tattoo and continuously learning and building machines that he puts to use on a daily basis. Today he is working in his Own tattoo shop that he and co-owner John Laramy designed and built together and invite anyone to come in, most importantly for the tattoos but, also just to BS over a cruiser or a game of ping pong. 

Waldron Panther Dagger
Waldron Hawaii Mask
Waldron Big Wave
Waldron Mushroom
Waldron Gnesha
Waldron Dragon Sleeve
Waldron Reaper Back Piece
Waldron Koi Fish
Waldron Hanya
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